QR Codes on my CV

I’m job hunting and the competition is tough. With that in mind I have been developing my CV with some additional bits of design and colour. But that’s not enough to really stand out so here’s my latest addition, QR codes.

QR 2D Barcode Tim ShapcottRight now I am using these to point prospective employers to this blog, to my Twitter stream and to see my previous colleagues’ recommendations for me.

I am already getting great feedback on these and am looking at further innovations to make this otherwise standard document stand out from the crowd. What have you done with your CV to make it pop out?

Hmmm… there’s an idea, a pop up CV!




3 thoughts on “QR Codes on my CV

  1. I could see this helping you to stand out in a pile of printed CVs, but are you not finding that it loses *something* when applying online?

    The most interesting CV I’ve seen really is this: http://zef.so/employable/ (was doing the rounds a few days ago, so apologies if you’ve seen it)
    On the one hand, it’s very difficult to read. On the other, it’s an interesting concept.

    Good luck with your search for work.

  2. Thanks Ben.

    I have the codes as clickable links in the PDF that I send out plus there are either the original URL, or a short URL below each in case of no QR reader and the CV being printed.

    Stay tuned. M.T.C…

    • Another interesting idea.
      I’ve never sent my CV as a PDF. Always send as Word .doc file. Job search websites seem to either insist you upload as .doc, or convert it to .doc after you upload a different type.

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