Making dancers pop out of the television!

It’s always a good day when I get a call from Neil at The Digital Film Company asking if I have time to join him for a day of 3D film making.

This time the destination was a studio at the Paintworks near Bristol and the subject was a group of contemporary dancers from Dance Digital.

Dance Digital 3D Anaglyph Dancing

Anaglyph 3D image of Dance Digital (3D effect created from a single image in post production)

We filmed each dancer as they performed a 90 second long piece from a fixed position with the Panasonic 3D A01 camera. Lighting was all done with LED panels at the sides and a single Source 4 Profile lantern as a key-light from the front.

As Neil worked I had occasional breaks where I could pick up a few images of him at work.These will be used in the company’s promotional material.

Neil filming Dance Digital in 3D at the BBC studios near Bristol

Neil films Dance Digital as the perform a routine

With the static tripod work done we moved on to shots with a Jib. We aimed to capture overhead shots and had an idea of setting up the convergence point so that the dancers would appear to be dancing on the surface of the screen when the film is shown.

Neil of Digital Film Company operating the Jib for a 3D film

As 5pm approached we had all the shots we hoped for, the dancers had watched back the footage on a huge playback monitor in 3D and everybody was massively excited by what we had achieved in a single day.

The films will be entered in to a film festival later this year and I’m looking forward to seeing our work on a cinema size screen!


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