Gorilla 3D photography project

Since landing in Bristol, 50+ of Bristol Zoo’s painted gorillas have captured the public’s attentions. Every time I pass one somebody is taking a photo of their friends posed next to it.

I got to thinking about a new photography project. But to simply photograph each of the collection would provide little satisfaction and leave me with a collection like every other. So I have added a twist to make it more interesting with an unusual element.

Today I began photographing each of the Bristol Zoo gorillas in 3D and as I am quite pleased with the initial outcomes, here’s a hint of what’s to come … quick, go find some 3D glasses:

Bristol Zoo Wow Gorilla 3D Brunell Suspension Bridge

#43, Gorisambard, Clifton Suspension Bridge Trust, Suspension Bridge, by Tim Miness

Bristol Zoo Wow Gorrilas Lipstick on the Gorilla Clifton 3D Anaglyph

#42, Lipstick on the Gorilla, Stride Treglown, The Promenade, Clifton, by Adam Travers

I hope you enjoy these images and will check back as I add more. As ever, if you have any thoughts, feedback or ideas please do leave them in the comments below.


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